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As a business that sends hundreds of WhatsApp messages each month, the task of creating them might be daunting and time-consuming. This blog article is meant to be a source of assistance.

We’ve compiled these effective, free WhatsApp templates based on our work with some of the largest corporations across a variety of industries.

What does the typical WhatsApp message look like?
160 alphanumeric, special, and emoticon characters can be used in a regular and attractive WhatsApp. 

If your message is longer than 160 characters, it will become boring and there are fewer chances of your message being opened by the users. It is highly recommended to use the English language for a better connection with your audience.

WhatsApp templates for marketing
WhatsApp Messages are used in a wide variety of marketing campaigns, from last-minute deals and product launches to holiday specials and year-round discounts.

Customers need to be intrigued and motivated by these communications in order for you to achieve their goals. Some good models of this approach are as follows:

Birthday offer
(Recipient name), Happy Birthday! Celebrate your birthday with us and avail a 2-for-1 special offer on all purchases at our store! Click on the below button to get started!
Sale announcement
The great Indian sale is on! Buy any product on (brand name) and avail upto 80% off. Additional 5% for (brand name) loyalty card holders. Hurry! To opt-out click on the below button!
Sale announcement
The great Indian sale is on! Buy any product on (brand name) and avail upto 80% off. Additional 5% for (brand name) loyalty card holders. Hurry! To opt-out click on the below button!
WhatsApp Templates for sales
There are no immediate sales after the initial meeting. Nowadays, companies keep their clients interested for much longer by sending them messages at various points throughout the sales process.

You can use one of these free WhatsApp templates for your own purposes.

Free trial invitation
Hi (name), start your free trial of (product name) now. No credit cards or contracts needed! Click here to get started (link)”
Discount notification
‘Tis the season to be jolly! This Christmas, enjoy an extra 15% off furniture and home furnishings all month long. Shop now: (Website link)
WhatsApp templates for customer service
A consumer who has lodged a complaint expects to be kept up to date on its progress. Build a library of pre-made templates in accordance with the amount of steps in your ticket-solving process. Below are a few WhatsApp Messages templates.
Order refund
Hello, (name), refund of Rs. (Amount) for (Product name) from (company name) has been initiated. It will take 5-7 to be credited to your account. For more details, feel free to call us on (contact number).
Feedback request
Hello, (name)! This is (Agent name) from (Company name). Please take a moment to give us your feedback on today’s call so we can serve you better the next time: (feedback link).
WhatsApp templates for operations
The operational phase begins once the sale has been made. Sending out regular, timely, and thought-out WhatsApp Messages such as: will help keep your operations running well, whether you’re dealing with delivery fulfilment or correcting difficulties faced by customers.
Delivery tracking

Hi (name), your order (order number) for (product name) is out for delivery. You can track your status at (tracker link). — Team (Company name)

Security message
(Name), there was an unrecognised login attempt in your account from (location). If it was you, you can ignore this message. If not, reset your password now.
Common WhatsApp Message templates
Some other frequently used Whatsapp templates for different parts of your organisation are provided below.
Transactional WhatsApp template
Customer activities can initiate transactional messages. When someone places an order, for instance, they are notified of this. An OTP is also provided upon request.

To help you get started sending business-related messages on WhatsApp, we have provided some sample messages below.

Welcome message
Welcome aboard the (company name) family, (name)! Thank you for creating an account with us. You can access it here at any time (Website link)”
Shipping update
Hi (name). Good things are on their way: your order was just shipped! You can expect it in 3-5 days. – (Company name).

Promotional WhatsApp Messages template

Promotional WhatsApp Messages, in contrast to transactional Messages, are delivered in bulk to increase sales and user engagement. Make them one-of-a-kind and include an enticing CTA to encourage people to take action.
New product launch
Hi (name), the wait is finally over! Our limited-edition speakers are out. Get your hands on them now and get free next-day delivery: (Website link)
Early access
“Hi (name). Want early access to our new launches all year round? Join our (Company name) VIP club! No cost to sign-up, text ‘STOP’ to opt-out.
Payment reminder WhatsApp Messages template
There is a common tendency for people to neglect making payments. A quick text message might go a long way in helping you collect overdue payments. Communicate your point effectively and persuasively in writing without angering the reader. I’ll give you a few of instances to illustrate my point.
Outstanding Payment Reminder
“Hi ( name), you have an outstanding payment of (Amount) since (Date). Pay before (final due date) to continue using our services. — (Company name).”
Loan payment reminder
“Hello, (Recipient name)! Your next EMI for home loan account (number) is due in [days left]. Pay on or before (due date) at: (Website link).”
OTP WhatsApp Message template
OTPs have quickly become the standard method of authentication for a wide variety of online services, from banking to e-commerce deliveries. To ensure that your OTP messages are understood by all of your users, utilise plain and simple language. A few instances are provided below.
OTP for login
Dear customer, use this One Time Password (Number) to log in to your (Company name) account. This OTP will be valid for the next 5 mins.”
OTP for password resetting
Dear customer, the one time password (OTP) to reset your password at (product name) is (Number). This OTP will expire in 5 minutes.
Registration WhatsApp Messages template
Providing adequate assistance to new customers during the onboarding process is crucial to making a favourable first impression. You can promptly greet them, provide directions on what to do, and leave the door open for further dialogue or questions if necessary all through WhatsApp Messages.

We can see this in the following illustrations:

Registration for membership
“Dear customer, you can register with (Company name) to become part of our ‘VIP Club’ by clicking on this link (Registration link). Your default password is (Password). You can change it by initiating a mail to (Email address). Welcome aboard!”
Welcome message after registration
“Your account at (Company name) has been successfully created! You can log in and edit your profile at our website (Website link)”
Booking confirmation WhatsApp Messages template
Customers want immediate confirmation of whatever booking they make, whether it’s for transportation, lodging, or a one-of-a-kind experience.

Here’s how you can use WhatsApp messages to make that happen.

Train booking confirmation

Dear (name), your train booking (Booking ID) is successful from (point of departure) to (point of arrival).

Booking details

Train: (Train name and number)

Class: (Class type)

PNR: (PNR number)

Date of journey: (Date)

Departs at: (Time)

Status at time of booking: Confirmed

Reservation Status: (Coach and seat number)

To view booking details/cancel/ check status, visit (Website link)

Hotel booking confirmation
Hello (name), your hotel booking for the Deluxe Suite at (Hotel name) is confirmed from (Date of check-in) to (Date of check-out). Our check-in time is (Time). For any assistance, please call (Phone number).
Survey WhatsApp Messages template
It’s impossible for a business to succeed without hearing from its customers. WhatsApp messages can be used as a quick and easy method of collecting feedback. Multiple-choice surveys, yes/no questions, poll links, and rating scales are just some of the ways you can gauge customer opinion. This can be achieved in a few different ways:
Multiple choice survey
Hi (name), hope you are loving (Product name). On a scale of 1-5, 1 being very unhappy and 5 very happy, how would you rate your experience? Please reply with your response.
Survey using link
Hey (name), thank you for visiting us today! To help us serve you better, could you please click on this (Link) to answer one question about your experience today?

(Company name)”

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